Behavioral Health Services FAQ


You may expect the staff of Oakland Family Services to treat you with respect and dignity, to honor your right to privacy and to adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.

You may expect us to honor your rights, privileges or benefits which are guaranteed to you by state or federal law or the Constitution.

You may expect to participate in developing a plan for your service and to participate in evaluating your progress.

You may expect to be informed about the risks and benefits of any plan for service, and you have the right to reject or accept.

You may expect to have a person designated to represent you as a Rights Advisor to hear and help resolve any complaint or grievance
you may have. The name of your Rights Advisor is posted in each office, or you may contact your Customer Service Representative for further information.

You may expect to not jeopardize your service if you refuse to participate in any program evaluation activities.


To participate in the development of your service plan and to work toward the goals that you have helped to establish.

To keep the appointments you have scheduled or to notify the agency in advance when you cannot keep your appointment.

To pay for services at the time you receive them in accordance with the established fees detailed in your written Fee Agreement.

To develop a relationship with your service provider that helps you to realize the goals you and your provider have established.


Charges to you are based on a sliding fee scale. Consideration is given to your total family income, the size of your family and whether or not insurance or another funding source covers some or most of your costs.

Your Customer Service Representative or your service provider will explain your fees. Some programs are subsidized by the United Way, government contracts or private foundation grants.

You will be responsible for all charges for missed appointments if you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance.

You are expected to pay for your services each time you receive services. Services will be discontinued after three payments are missed, unless you make special arrangements for payment with your Customer Service Representative.

You may review and receive an explanation of your bill upon your request, and you will receive a 30 day advance notice of any revisions to the fees charged by Oakland Family Services.


It is necessary to contact your insurance company to determine service coverage and to make any required advance preparations.

You should know the amount that your insurance will pay for your services.

You must bring the necessary claim forms or insurance cards with you at the time you enroll for service. In some cases you may be required to pay for your service and to then file your own claim for insurance reimbursement.

You are responsible for your charges, including any deductibles, co-payments or charges not covered by your insurance plan.

We are approved as providers by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CIGNA, PPOM and many other insurance companies.