When Oakland Family Services opened its doors in 1921, families served as the foundation for our communities and our country. As problems occurred, friends and neighbors came together to listen, to support and to strengthen the family.

Since then, times have changed and families are struggling with problems that require professional support, guidance, and services. More and more families are dealing with elder care, day care, parenting issues, family and work stress. Substance abuse, family violence, child abuse, divorce, death and a host of other problems contribute to feelings of loneliness and confusion.

Oakland Family Services is a private, non-profit, human services agency which has been serving families and children in Southeastern Michigan.  

Mission: Providing individuals and families the opportunity to build brighter futures.

Vision: Communities of thriving individuals and families.

Oakland Family Services has provided confidential services for over 90 years and understands the importance of earning our customers trust. We serve more than 43,000 children, adolescents, and adults every year. There are four convenient office locations in Oakland County with ample parking. Our consumers in many programs also receive services in their homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and in the work place. We help children and adults to set goals, explore alternatives and to resolve even the most difficult crises.

Oakland Family Services continually demonstrates professional excellence by:

  • Providing excellent quality services that exceed national standards
  • Having a strong belief in diversity and non-discrimination based on race, religion, sex, age, ethnic origin or disability
  • Employing a professional and dedicated staff of social workers, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, physician assistants, teachers and registered nurses
  • Responding to our clients changing needs